Balaji Special Dharshan

Daily Night Package

11.00P.M.Departure from Egmore by 2*2 push back Hi-Tech Air Bus
02.30A.M.Arriving down Tirupathy and proceeding to hotel room (for bathing)
04.30A.M.Getting individual Special Dharshan ticket with finger print
05.30A.M.Proceeding to Alamelumangapuram(Subject to dharshan timing)
07.00A.M.Morning Breakfast
07.30A.M.Proceeding to Tirumala by Govt bus
09.30A.M.(Approx) Entry to Sudharshan Special Dharshan
01.00P.M.(Approx) Exit after Dharshan, Getting 2 laddus for a ticket
02.00P.M.Proceeding to down Tirupathy
03.30P.M.Departure to Chennai
07.30P.M.Arriving Chennai